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We offer a FREE in depth report, a SEO AUDIT on the SEO health of your website. This goes into detail on what is right and wrong with your current site and what you can do (or if you choose what we can do) to fix your site, improve your site, make your website better. That can be as simple as adding descriptions to all your pictures, increasing word count, reducing or eliminating duplicate titles, tags or pages, speeding things up (yes load speed is a factor in web ratings now), mobilize your site, install a Favicon, etc etc. This report will tell you everything you need to know about your site. Its strengths and weaknesses and all the things that can be improved. This is provided free of charge and if you want you can take your report and have your people fix it. Ask yourself though if you can discover why your site is not ranking where it should in as little as five minutes how come your current provider didn’t do it? Maybe they are too busy. Maybe your monthly spend with them isn’t big enough to warrant their undivided attention. Maybe they just have too many clients and they don’t care if they lose a few here and there to the competition. Does it really matter? It DOES matter! It matters is that you get the service and care that you deserve. It matters because you are dependent on your SEO services to keep that phone ringing, to keep your crews working, to be able to provide for yourself and your family. It matters. And you matter to us. Take a few seconds to type in your website address and read your review. We never share, sell or exploit your email address. Go ahead. You might be surprised at what you learn.