PPC is a great way to increase business

PPC advertising needs to be managed to produce PROFIT!

Pay Per Click advertising is the use of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Plus, or a variety of other services to get your name in front of a client that is actively shopping for what you offer and wants it NOW. These programs can be an excellent way to get your phone ringing and make some sales. They have to be managed properly to give you your best results. This means paying attention to keywords being used, whether they are phrase or exact match, bid structure, budget setting, landing page set up and more. Without this knowledge you can end up spending thousands of dollars and getting little return on your investment.

We can help you create a PPC services program that will achieve your goals and keep you spend within budget and on track. Most people don’t realize that if the page their ad words ie; search terms, are targeting are not search optimized for those terms they will receive a “low quality score” from the vendors. This will increase the overall cost of the advertising program. In addition some terms may not even be displayed. Also if you repeat your terms they will cancel each other out and again wont be displayed.

There is many different options when it comes to the way this advertising is utilized.You can do text ads, you can create several text ads, you can do display ads, you can do several display ads and test them all out against each other. You can even create a re-targeting campaign. Ever notice how you search once and then the ad seems to follow you around wherever you go? This is retargeting and it can add thousands to your bottom line.

We can help put together a strategy that works on getting you immediate results now while your SEO optimized website crawls up in the rankings bringing in immediate business. Speak with us and find out how!