Advice from New Jersey Web Marketing Expert Regarding the New Rules of Ranking

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Many businesses use web marketing experts and SEO agencies to expand their presence on the web. Internet marketers aka Digital Agencies must be SEO Experts and must keep up with, have the technical skill for and the desire and time to take advantage of online trends. The coming changes and opportunities web marketing experts offer their business clients will determine the future success of both brick and mortar as well as web-based entities.

Visibility Marketing USA CEO and SEO expert Jeff Klein states “with the new structures created by AI, the 5G revolution, new Search Engine Optimization factors such as big data, use of voice search, mobile device domination, new LSA or Local Search Ads and further expansion of Google My Business and Google Maps things are changing quickly. Businesses need to keep up, or they will fall behind. There is too much competition to ignore the new search factors.”

Changes in Google search algorithms create a dependency on Maps and LSA (Local Search Ads). The old online marketing methods no longer work as well and agencies must keep up with these changes to keep their clients ranking. LSA or Google local service ads will continue to build and will eventually dominate. These will compete with Pay Per Click (PPC) because LSA’s have the best place on the search results page and are totally controlled by Google. Because of this, content, structured data or schema (used by web crawlers), organic keyword research and link building are more important than ever before. Informative content is still King.

The increase in social marketing through channels like Facebook and Instagram continue to see broad expansion looking forward to 2020. Increased investment in these channels by businesses will be ongoing. Although we see a decrease in influencer marketing, there is no better method to attract new clients than viral content. With this comes an increasing reliance on video marketing. YouTube, also owned by Google, is the second largest search engine in the World. Videos provide a way to spotlight your brand and gain new clients. Businesses that fail to use video marketing in their efforts will suffer lost market share.

Content marketing is a valuable tool as it increases exposure, creates strong, quality back-links, and promotes your business in what Jeff Klein calls “Good neighborhoods” these are sites that Google knows and trusts. He states”business owners run their businesses, that’s what they do. It is our job as their marketing agent to give the services that promote their brand safely and increase their market share so they can survive and prosper using the new rules of online digital marketing. It is important they owners review their digital strategy and ensure it keeps up with the new rules of SEO.”

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