Mobile devices are leading the search results.

Is Mobile Optimization That Important? Yes!

Websites must be mobile friendly.Google has decided that it (they) wants all website optimization tasks for mobile usage completed by April 21. This has been several years in the making. In fact if your site is not optimized for mobile search, which means you do not give users a good experience during the search for your site on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets, you will lose rankings in the search engines. So it is critical that the site that you have developed for your clients to find you on the web not only provides a good user experience for them on a laptop or desktop computer but also on the myriad of mobile devices that are available to the public. So what are your options prior to April 21 ? Well you can leave your site as it is and suddenly disappear on the 22nd, watch all the time, money and effort that you put into your site slip out of your hands and trickle down the drain or you can get it optimized for mobile users and their devices. You think the choices here are difficult to make? We must comply with Google or face the wrath of the Internet gods. Okay that night be a little bit melodramatic but still if we do not do what Google wants us to do we will certainly lose our search engine rankings and that is a tragedy.

It is actually surprising to most people but there are actually two search engine results one based on a search of desktop or laptop units and then one that is attributed to mobile devices. So you have to be set up so that you can be found on both. Unfortunately if you are not working well with mobile search or you don’t give your users a good experience on a mobile device this is going to negatively impact your site overall. Fair or not it doesn’t matter just something that must be done. Here is a quick tool to check and see if your site meets the Google standard. If you find that it does not there is no need to stress. There are several options available including contacting us and we can either do it for you or walk you through it. Please note that just because a site may be themed in a “Responsive” theme, meaning it will adjust to screen size on different devices, this does not always count as being mobile friendly. It is a quick check so take our warning and do what you will…If you do nothing…well don’t say we didn’t warn you. Cheers!