Does Blogging Matter?

Actually from everything that’s been printed, from all the master SEO experts, from the big G itself, blogging is very important to site rankings. In fact Forbes magazine where they highlighted over 25 top SEO people, the comment seen again and again was that providing quality content to your audience was one of the best things that you can do to promote your brand. That article can be read here. Bruce Clay states that companies that blog have almost 450% more’s pages indexed than those companies that do not. So there is absolutely no question as to whether or not blogging can help your brand. But about what and how should you blog? If you are going to give people written content that matters make sure that it is readable, make sure that it is informative, and make sure that it is pertinent. The typical blog should be somewhere between 400 to 600 words and should end with a call to action of some type. There should not be too many links coming from it but those that are or do should complement what you are writing about. Of course grammar and punctuation are important as well. Most people state that they don’t have enough time to blog for their company. My response is who knows more about your company then you do? If you have someone in your office that knows more about your goals, your strengths, and really understands the message that you want to convey then have them blog. If there isn’t then the job is up to you. There are other technical aspects of blogging such as whether or not your blog should be part of your website site map, whether it should be indexed and followed, not indexed and followed, you have to try do your best to avoid duplicate content etc. etc. Let your webmaster deal with those aspects. Your job to write down information in a way that will teach, inspire and change behaviors. It should also call attention to the benefits of your brand over those of your competitors. This doesn’t have to be done overtly as many people can read between the lines. So if you engage and you teach and you provide real value then your blog and your company will be successful. I hope that I have provided that to you here if not please let me know. Thank you for reading.

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