About Us

Very simply if we dont get you to the first page you dont pay. I am a small business owner and have been one for over twenty years. During that time I have been subjected to the good and bad side of SEO and the many companies that offer this service. I remember one Adwords campaign where I was under contract and spending over $2000 per month for 4 months and not one call did I get. Upon further checking the lead site had not even been created! The reason I went with that company in the first place was because I had been spending almost $4000 per month on my own while getting about one call per week. Seems I had set up keyword where any of the individual words were searched my lead would pop up. So if someone searched “bed” my site was there along with all the mattress places. On another occasion I had a top ranking site-number 1!! Phones were ringing off the hook. A web developer convinced me to “revamp and modernize the site”. Unfortunately he destroyed all the things the site was ranking for and the phones went dead. It looked better but it comes down to the argument would you like to look good and not function or function and not look good? How about functioning and looking good at the same time? That’s what I am all about. I work with a web developer, a virtual assistant and a group of some of the TOP SEO people in the Country. We are a SEO mastermind group that work with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals providing real value and results. Definition: More Leads and More Money!!  I work with a limited number of clients at any given time to achieve the results they desire. I do this through my experience with web marketing, my training and my association with other like minded SEO and SEM professionals across the Unites States and the World. There is nothing I (we) cant handle. Plus you have the benefit of working with someone that has been there and done that and will work hard to help you achieve your goals. So if you want to make more money, get more qualified leads in the door you need to fill out our form and get in touch. We will make you money. You have my word on that.
J. Klein